Nandor Dekanj iz Subotice je Dee Jay starije generacije i jedini preostali aktivni DJ, svih ovih godina. Kao i većinu njegovih kolega, i njegovo interesovanje za muzikom je rano počelo. Sa 14 godina, najpre kao hobi, počeo je da svira električnu gitaru i bubnjeve. Nastupao u lokalnim bendovima GARAGE. Svoju DJ karijeru je započeo, zahvaljujući, lokalnoj, ali nadaleko slušanoj ( mađarska i sadašnja hrvatska), tada jedinom komercijalnom radiju u okruženju Radio Subotica, poznatija kao muzički program STUDIO 3.

First time he appeared behind the mix desk was in 1979 performing in AQUARIUS Discotheque, were he started his career. He performed in, at the time, frequently broadcasted live program Discotheque AQUARIUS-STUDIO 3 and You, where they introduced novelties from BILLBOARD Top list of US, British and Italian music scene. Of course at the time and until 1996 they worked with Vinyl, which is still being used by DJ Andy, as he has a rich Vinyl fonotec from the earlier mentioned music time period. Music style: Funky, Pop/Rock, New Wave, Italo, Dance, Electro-pop and many more. Step by step he built his career and entertained new generations, and gained more and more fans. In 1996 he completely renovated well known LIFKA Discotheque by improving sound, lighting and interior. The first ,and at the time the only one, LASER SHOW (with holograms) is added to his list of improvements at the opening of the renovated and completely modernized LIFKA Discotheque. By playing Progressive House ,at the time a young DJ Andy gained fans from the audience, today affirmed and well known DJs and producer colleagues.

Tako korak po korak gradi svoju karijeru i zabavlje nove i novije generacije mladih i stiče fanove.

In 2001. He continued his career abroad in Hungary, where he lived and worked for the next 10 years.

In 2004. acquires International License and Certificate of official DJ in Hungary.

Beside so called RETRO music, parallel he’s performing Techno sceens,from witch he changes over to the Deep and Tech House sounds, in which he actually finds himself.

He performed at several big manifestations like: SZIN (HU) , UNITED DJ’s (SRB)- “Aid to flood victims” as one of the founders and organizers along with a colleague Ascaloon. Most of these partyes are opened air character, as well as Club partyes where often famous names are appearing.


Several times he performed as a leading guest in Hungary, Italy, Austia and Germany.

Most important Discotheque and Clubs he performed in:

- Aquarius, Amfora, Studio 54, Dancing Bar MVM, LARGO, LIFKA, OMEGA, Stars, Kansas, GEM.

– Laguna (Hu), GIN TONIC ( Hu), SOHO (Hu), Old Timer Music Club (Hu), Miu Miu ( Hu),

- Laguna (Hu), GIN TONIC ( Hu), SOHO (Hu), Old Timer Music Club (Hu), Miu Miu (Hu),SING SING ( Hu), Passage ( AT), Bar La Tartana ( IT) and many more.

Godišnje se više puta pojavi i organizuje sa udruženjem građanana UNITED DJ’s – Subotica

Along with his colleagues and associations of citizens UNITED DJ’s-Subotica ,several times a year he makes his appearance and organizes WAKE UP Subotica musical programs, manifestations on witch along the local DJ’s performed: Marko Nastic,Tijana Kabic,Lea Dobricic.

. Further he is performing in various Clubs. He is a RESIDENT DJ at FLAIR BAR club-Subotica since 2012.


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