Kibz & Dfndr / Speed Progress, Atonal

Bojan Bozinovski AKA Dj Kibz started his career in year 2000 after being inspired by listening to the mixes of Stacy Poolen, Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin and many others at the time. The same year Kibz teamed up with Dj Angelboy into ‘DJ at Work’ organisation that found them playing on all major local parties around Subotica. Total dedication and good sound styling shaped him into the most wanted up and coming DJ’s around. Over the years he developed intact skills on two and than moved to three decks and effects most recently. Undisputed performance and presence got him a residency in caffe Backstage together with DJ Krabbz.

Kibz has consistently set the pace in Subotica, thanks to his ability to deliver a show every time he’s in charge. In 2004 he collaborated with DJ DFNDR and joined his Speedprogress organisation which brought them success and residency in one of the best clubs in Serbia, Club Lifka.Part of the success and part of their will to move forward ,they stepped into music production waters and made several releases on domestic and foreign labels such as Zenit Extra,Traffica,Recon warriors,Recon Light,Decoded mini,Bondage,Wandler,etc...!The firs release ever,was on Zenit extra 02,called ''Leave all behind and start all over''.Name for this project was created by deleting all of their old creations,and starting a whole new sound in period when an old scool techno has evolutionised in glitchy,minimal sound!from that moment,they are releasing music constantly and making new contact for new labels! Many more tracks are about to be released,including few rmx-es for top producers!



Darko Tumbas was born in 1981 in Subotica ( Serbia ) . His first serious contact with electronic music was when he heard some tracks and mixes by Jeff Mills,Stacey Pullen Autechre etc ... In the summer of 1999 he formed the Speed Progress organization. The organization had a show at the local radio station , where techno music was played. After Darko met with Dejan Milicevic and Marko Nastic , the love towards music blossomed even further , resulting in even more involvement in local music scene . With time Darko's mixing skills and music taste evolved in strange combination of hard bass lines and soft melodies , mixing raw European techno tunes with emotional tracks from Detroit . When he plays he loves to take people on a musical journey, taking them at the beginning , from soft minimal sounds to hard and relentless noises at the end of the night . With Dj Kibz Darko was resident dj in famous club Lifka where he played with Advent , Dave Clarke , Rush , Luke Slater , Space Djz , Umek etc... In the begining of 2005 Darko with his friends started Speed Progress Records. The first release got good marks and comments. Today he is constantly in his home studio making tunes.Most recent developments include starting another label, Atonal, which is a collaborative effort with Jan Kincl (Dj Zero / Bondage)


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