Groove X / Stay Tuned, Klikk Out / Slovakia


Groove X / Stay Tuned, Klikk Out

Angyal Zoltán, known as DJ Groove X ,and as an important member of the corn island electronic music team was born in Dunajská Streda. From a young age he liked music, first he was interested in RAP and Hip-Hop music, later in disco music. He also organized lots of school events. Now his favorite music genre is the underground music, which has made a huge impact on his music life. In 2011 started to play music. The beginning was hard as he did not know what kind of music he wanted to play.He wanted to find his own style, which would be his label later. As new music trends came out, he decided to play Deep House or Tech House. His music is characterized by deep, soft and sophisticated sounding, vocals and filled with dynamics. In his home town he got a great opportunity to prove himself as DJ. His career started in Arthe cafe, which is a smaller club, where he played regularly. First he played in front of small crowd. After a while as more and more people came to known him, he was asked to play in bigger clubs such as NFG, Zelda pub or Vegas club. These are the most famous clubs in Dunajská Streda. In 2013 he was interviewed for the magazine KLIKK OUT. He is the host of the Midsummer party, where he got the chance to ''warm up'' before Dave Seamen. After these successes he was invited to perform in front a big crowd, the BEE FREE festival is the biggest electronic music festival in Slovakia. In 2014 he managed to play with other famous DJs like Andrewboy, Sikztah or Dandy. Got invitation to show his skills in bigger cities like Komárom, Szombathely, Esztergom. In that year he also played in 2 two significant clubs of Bratislava, the Empire and Radosť. He won the Truesounds DJ competition, which was a big step in his career. Winning this competition brought him the opportunity to play in Budapest, in the club called Akvárium, where he shared the stage with the famous DJ Edu Imbernon. Nowadays he is the organizer of the successful party series called Stay Tuned in NFG, which makes the young people come together every month in Dunajská Streda.



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