In a short time he appeared in various places (including the famous electronic music festivals Trenchtown, EXIT, Summer3p, Green Future) as well as in local clubs and he got frequent gigs outside in Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria, Slovakia. For now he work together with Paco Osuna, Julian Jeweil, Robert Babicz, Terry Francis, Marco Bailey, Ramon Tapia, Jay Lumen, Jody Wisternoff, Alexander Kowalski, Victor Ruiz, Mihai Popoviciu, Alex Niggemann, Marko Nastić and many many others…

Location: Serbia

Since 1999. he shows big love to electronic music. While he was only a visitor of the clubs and musical events, observing DJ`s work and analyzing their sets. While others were raving in the crowd, he wanted to get close to the DJ’s desk. During these time he collected a great amount of experience, and met with almost all genres of electronic music. His real DJ career started in the year 2006. He has rocked the dancefloors of numerous clubs and venues in region with his tech house and techno sets. He put a lot of hard work to bring his DJ skill to high level. His performances are followed by amazing energy this can be felt both in the music he plays as well as communication with the audience. He is an experienced dj who has been engaged in promoting electronic music in various ways, such as organizing a huge number of parties in his hometown. Nowadays techno is the closest to his heart filled with dynamics and melody


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