For years, the Association of AŠC, as the main organizer of the Summer3p Festival, organizes various social and environmental campaigns with the aim of influencing the given problem through activities of associations and communities

Clean lake Palic

"Clean the Lake Palic" is a project of protecting the biodiversity of the Palić and Ludaš lakes and reached the level of the interstate project, which has a full charge from the Government of Germany and the Government of Serbia through the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The agreement was signed on 27.11.2015. and the amount of € 6.5 million donation for the implementation of this project.

Stop the violence!

Stop the Violence campaign was created 10 years ago and has since evolved along with the Summer3p festival. The idea was to do something about the problem of segregation of different ethnic groups going out and partying in Subotica and its surroundings.

We have created an event and a space that connects and enables interaction of young people, through entertainment, music and activism. Thanks to a special >recipe<, there was never a single incident at the Summer3p festival, although we gather around 8000-10000 people every year.

Protect the nature

Through presentation of different ways of separation of waste and recycling, as well as renewable energy sources, during the last seven years we have tried to influence young people and raise their awareness regarding the necessity for each individual, with his/her activism, to contribute to preserving our environment.

The most recognizable project we have implemented so far is the public space sculpture >Fish- insert a can, complete the sculpture< (in several cities in Serbia). This year at the Summer3p festival, we will present the project >Recycled public lighting<.

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